Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ladies Grey Vintage Genuine Rabbit Fur Coat Size 14-18

Ladies' Beautiful Grey Vintage Rabbit Fur Coat
Size 14-18

I came across a lovely vintage rabbit fur coat the other day when I was doing my opshop rounds, very similar to the rabbit fur I blogged about some months ago here. I'm guessing that it is the same vintage as my other fur, probably made in the 1950's. It is in excellent condition considering its age-no smells, no bald or moth-eaten spots, no ripped or stained lining (except for a tiny hole at the hem of the lining depicted in the last picture of the listing.) Feels very luxurious and looks very elegant. However, it does shed hairs, like a real animal. The coat has been relined at some point in lavender.

This coat has a size label of 18, but I could still wear it. However, I think it would look best on a size 14-18 lady. Measurements as per below:

*19 1/2 inch (49.5cm) across the shoulders,
*23 inches (58.5cm) across the bust (not bust circumference)
*31 inches (79cm) from shoulder to hem.

I am listing it on Ebay starting at a bid of AUD$39.95. I got my other coat for almost double the price at a vintage fair, so this a bargain.

International bidders are welcome to bid, but please contact me prior to bidding for postage details.

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