Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Won!!!

A few weeks ago held a giveaway of Gwynhug's Fabric Reference Cards. There were to be 2 winners from the US, and two international winners. I entered my comment and they picked me as one of the winners! See here for the winner announcement.

Yay! Finally I actually won something that I want and need. I've never had much luck with competitions before. 

When I first read about the cards, I really really wanted to get a set, but never got around to it. They are great because if you're like me, collecting pretty fabric can become an expensive habit, and is compounded by the fact that I never really know how much fabric I'm going to need and for what. I always estimate but err on the generous side so I end up spending more money than I need to, since I don't shop with a pattern in mind. I'm taking these with me next time I go to Spotlight. And I'll flash my cool cards around shamelessly. 

These fabric reference cards are the result of hundreds of hours of research into fabric yardage tables on patterns, and divided into a) women's, (b) women's plus sizes, (c) men's, (d) baby & toddler, and (e) children's garments. I chose set A of course. The cards come in either imperial or metric measurements.

I'm really happy I'm getting these!

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  1. Oh how nice. Winning useful fun things is the best.


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