Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wyld Chic Boutique

I had my baby and he's three months old today! I'm so in love with him. He is so good-he hardly ever cries except when he's really hungry or very tired. He sleeps like an angel and is no trouble at all. I must confess that I was anxious when I first became pregnant with him as my first two were so close, but he has made me so happy! I'm gushing but I am just so rapt with him!

There are many things happening in the Wyld Lane. I started a little business venture a week before my darling bubba arrived! I decided to take the plunge and finally start selling my creations online. I started selling handmade maternity/nursing clothes as well as children's clothes and created a website (something that I've wanted to do for years!)

Please visit Wyld Chic Boutique to see my new website. I will be posting tutorials and sewing patterns on there so please add me to your newsfeed to get updates! I'm currently working on a series of pattern tutorials on how to make my signature nursing tops which you can see in my website. I will be launching them soon so make sure you get in on the introductory price!

From now on sewing related posts can be found on Wyld Chic Boutique. But I'll still update this blog occasionally. :)


  1. I've been following your blog. Very impressed with your sewing skills and op-shopping finds! I'm from Adelaide too, with the recent birth of my 4 month old girl, I don't have time/energy to op-shop. Maybe I just need to plan my time better.
    Congratulations on setting up a boutique! I also like your recipes and cooking posts so I hope that can maybe continue?


  2. Hello Angie, aww.. I've hearing from readers. I've been so lax about posting because there aren't enough hours in the day! I'll try harder. xox Wyld Woman


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